Hi, Welcome to my Blog, the story of my journey in the world of painting.

I am a self thaught painter and I would like to take you on my journey and story trying realising it. Hope you are going to enjoy it…. you never know you might start painting yourself, after all everyone can paint…


Another Me

The portrait drawn here is part of few I did looking at the mirror based on a lesson I had about ‘Drawing on the Right hand side of the Brain’. I have completed couple with my left hand and right hand. They say that drawing is a global skill requiring only limited set of basic components. It was amazing to see how you shift from left to right mode and achieving a superb result that I hope will help me to convince you all in my journey that everyone can draw and paint! I am sure you will try it soon.

Click here to read the story,  The Journey


184 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Rami, Thank you for your comment, I’ll translate so others can understand. ‘Very Nice, start selling’. To be honest I am planning to sale also, but my main interest is to be able to raise as much as possible funds with the sale of my paintings for the charity that dealing with my Chronic pains ‘PPIP’. I will update everybody once it is live.

    • Hello Doron Art,

      What a fantastic self-taught painter you have been! SoundEagle finds your blog to be quite commendable in its range of visual contents as well as appearance. The subject matters of your creative oeuvre are also wide-ranging.

      Thank you for encouraging everyone to draw and paint. You might be interested to know that even some of our most sentient nonhuman species are up to the creative task. Elephants can also paint. See one of my favourite books by Frans de Waal, The Ape and the Sushi Master: Cultural Reflections by a Primatologist (London: Penguin Books, 2001). You would love reading it for many reasons.

      Happy February to you and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your comments. I think that drawing or painting is like many other subjects you learn in life. Keep practice you will get better. I am not an expert by no means and I also some times doubt my drawings, but the most important point for me is that I enjoy it. So keep drawing and trust me with time you will get better and it will get easier too. Enjoy it!

    • It is my pleasure as I enjoy your work and I am sure many more feel the same. After all it is art for all of us where ever we are. keep painting and enjoy.

  1. Javed my friend, I think that you are an art working machine, well done. Thank you very much for thinking about me and appreciating my work. I am sure that together we can all make a better art leave alone a better world.

    • Thank you my friend. I think food like painting, you create an art. I’ll visit you again to feed my interest in food from your accomplished successful route.

  2. Thank you for visiting, liking and following my blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m sure this would be very helpful to a lot of people.

  3. Well since you “Liked” my sketches I return the favor by giving you what I got.
    I would like to see you work on a little more structure in your work.
    Your expression is really good, really good, and I don’t want that to stop, but I think structure adds strength to your style of expression.
    Your work comes off as very sensitive, soft to and from the touch, it’s nice.
    I tend to like your cityscapes, but the flow that happens with the horses is equally as nice.
    Keep at it like the rest of us.

  4. Well since you “Liked” my sketches I return the favor by giving you what I got.
    I would like to see you work on a little more structure in your work.
    Your expression is really good, really good, and I don’t want that to stop, but I think structure adds strength to your style of expression.
    Your work comes off as very sensitive, soft to and from the touch, it’s nice.
    I tend to like your city-scape, but the flow that happens with the horses is equally as nice.
    Keep at it like the rest of us.

    • Dear Peterl41, It is very humbling to read your comment and interest to nominate me to receive an award. The biggest award I received is every time when people like you visit the Blog, share and enjoy my work. I love the people the community here and the great companionship we created among different people, the various interests we all have and being from different parts of the world all together. I think that learning to paint was also a great lucky award I received one day when I become sick and I feel privileged. Unfortunately I am not into awards, but only to see you and the rest of our friends here, keeping happy, healthy and smiling every day. Please don’t be disappointed as I appreciate your thoughts and very grateful for the nomination. I also love your work and posts in your Blog which I often enjoy reading. Like the recent very important video you put on the conservation work in Suriname and many other you did. Thank you for feeling like that about my work, my Blog and please don’t be offended and continue visiting as often as you like and enjoy, Doron.

  5. How very interesting it is to draw oneself with both hands. I found that my left hand, because slower, had much more power and consciousness in the drawing – because one doesn’t draw automatically as with the right, but really feels it along the line, quite an effort as with life, and a surprise. I’m enjoying my visits to your generous paintings very much.

    • Turn the picture you drawing from upside down and try with the left you will be surprise how good you are… It is interesting way to draw even for an experience artist. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the journey as it gets better thanks to everybody we meet here.

  6. La tua arte è stupenda!!!!….. Complimenti!!!!
    La mia stima e il mio profondo apprezzamento di cuore!!!
    Un cordiale saluto

    • Ajay, my friend thank you for thinking of me. The best award I get, is meeting all the nice people like yourself and many others that visit me here everyday. The great love the care, the great respect that we all have and give each others. I could not wish for more as together we already making a better world. I hope to see many more joining us in one big hug around the world to unite and keep us all safe together.

  7. Hello Doron.I admire what you have been doing .I started water colours again a few years back and took classes but do not seem to find or make the time for it now. .Well as you know I just had a birthday[same day as your wife, my friend] .May be I will try to make the time soon to paint? .meanwhile I enjoy yours very much!Lots of feelings in them .Much Love. Catherine

    • I recognised you my dear friend. Thank you for your comment and visiting me here in my little planet. Trust me 10-20 minutes, it all that it takes to polish this great hobby. Try it and enjoy every minute of it. Hope you had a great dirty weekend Happy Birthday. Click the ‘Follow’ button here on the site and you will get notifyed with every new experiment of mine.

    • Gerri , my dear friend, thank you for thinking about me and nominating me for this award. Please don’t be offended. I had several awards given to me in the past which I did not take. The reason is very simple, I love what I am doing and feel very privilege to do it. I have the best award one can ever give me, which is having great people like you visiting and commenting about my work. I love your Blog your stories and family that inspire me a lot! Please accept my apology and great thank you once again, Doron

  8. Hi Doran,
    I have nominated you for the Epically Awesome of Epic. There are a few guidelines, which are:
    1. Write ten awesome facts about yourself.
    2. Nominate ten other bloggers that you think are awesome enough to win this award.
    3. Inform the chosen they have won

    You are under no obligation to accept. (when I accepted I didn’t realise how much time it would take to follow these guidelines, but it was fun!) but I can see you are very busy

    So thanks for the blog and have a great day!

    Ruby Canoe.


    • Hi Sharon, (I hope I am correct with the name) thank you so much for thinking about me and the nomination. I had several in the past and I decided not to take them, not because I am big headed or do not appreciate them. It is more simple for me, when I have people like yourself and many others visiting me and making comments or like etc. It is the best award I can wish for seeing someone appreciate my work. I do apologise and thank you again. Beside I also enjoy your Elvis at the background, can’t have the red wine miss it sometime.

  9. Hi, thanks for your recent likes and following on my amateur art blog. I can tell I’m going to learn a lot and be inspired by your awesome work. I’m really liking the supporting non-profit plans as well 🙂 Good day to you! ~Scott

  10. Greetings to the morning
    Thank you for visiting.
    Will follow from now your blog
    I wish you a beautiful Saturday.
    Really nice pictures.
    If they want to find my categories are all the way down on my WP page look in the middle there, please click the respective categories to which they want to.
    Andrea sends warmest greetings

      • Good evening Doronart,
        How is your Dear Name.Ich come from Oberhausen, which is located in North Rhine-Westphalia.
        that pleased them my Wpseite gefällt.HAB also subscribed.
        Have me already gefunden.wenn me to subscribe to see me in the reader and can from there likes when it pleases or on my Wpseite quite down in the Middle you will find scrolling you can then click a button with the respective categories since the article.However, the reader is better.
        They have a beautiful Abend.Herzlichste greetings Andrea sends them

  11. Nice sketch! I am left handed and they say we use more of our right brain. I’m going to have to do some practice with my left…(-:

    Thanks for sharing those encouraging thoughts to people.

    • Thanks Sherry, it is very interesting to find how good it works once you try it. And if you take a picture from it contents by turning it upsdie down for example and you just adding lines the finish draw is amazing. Good luck and enjoy.

    • Dear Mary, thank you for thinking about me, and suggesting me for an award. For me the best award is to have special people like yourself visiting me and helping me to develop. I feel privileged and I enjoy such friendship grately. I don’t do any other awards and I do apologise not taking your sencere offer, nominating by you means alot to me. Have a great weekend and thank you again Doron

        • I appreciate, I am sure you saw the ‘L’ plate on my back. I find the Blogging very interesting and friendly and I keep learning here something new everyday. Thank you for your offer to help which are well appreciated and I am sure I’ll take you on your offer too. I also enjoyed visiting your interesting Blog.

          • Ha, it’s our pleasure. Believe me I’m still figuring things out 2.5 years in and if it’s anything technical, I’m lost. My partner in crime on here does all the techie stuff! The WP community truly is an amazing and supportive place!
            Thank you for your kindness 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness! I read that book a long time ago and loved it!!!

    So glad to see it’s still around and doing good.

    The difference in these is amazing!

    Best of luck your drawings!

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts I don’t do awards but love people like yourself visiting and taking time to comment I appreciate it as it is best award one can get my apology and thank you again.

  13. I absolutely love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme.

    Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my very own blog and would like
    to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named.
    Appreciate it!

    • Hi Marian, I took one of wordpress theme ready made. They have great support for everything you do and the most important issue is that you have a great community here that if you get stuck or need some help there will always be someone who know how to do it. So make as many friends here and enjoy your bloging. Remember for everybody it is a learning curve so enjoy it. Thank you for your comment and do not hesitate to drop me a line if you need further help. I don’t remmebr which theme I used so I must check it and I’ll let you know. Thank you.

    • Mary I could never reject an award from you, but you know me by now I don’t do any. I have the greatest award of all!!! great people like you visit me often, that is the best I could wish for. Don’t get me wrong I am very competitive person and like many like to win, but I feel I don’t need to win as we are all winners, we are great friends a super community and funny enough I see you everyday and I know you as beautiful red flower… you are avery nice person and so are everyone else I so far met here and I thank you for your freindship and greta heart like you red flower. I apologise, Doron

    • Thank you very much, i did the same while you were concentrating and enjoy what I saw in your blog too… I left some finger print indication I’ll return…

  14. Your drawings have constant lines, but fresh and versatile to survey any motif. The future will carry you to use less lines and you will be a better artist. Congrats and thanks a lot for visit Sketchuniverse.

  15. Except for Van Gogh, there are not many authors who have dared to address some everyday objects like shoes. For that reason your pastel work has great merit. Besides being a display of his ability to depict nuances. Congrats!

  16. Beautiful paintings, Doron! The abstracts are my personal favorites. I think one has to be very much in the “right side of the brain” to do moving abstracts, very creatively uninhibited. Wonderful work! I have the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” I suppose if I had more patience for subjects that don’t interest me (in my own work), chairs and rooms and so forth, I might learn something from it, too! 🙂

    • Camilla we are always learning and we are always open to new ideas and forever exploring and trying how to improve. I also feel that abstract capture me more as I feel that there is a great opportunity for dialog and relations letting the viewer participate and express their feelings with my work. I love friendship and people in general so I enjoy it more. I enjoy working following drawing on the right side and I always hope that everyone will try and see that we all can paint it is fun and joy. We are suppose to have a session in my art club soon about it, thank you for taking time to comment nice talking to you.

      • You have a wonderful and inspirational view! It’s particularly refreshing that you assert that everyone can paint. We often think of art as the realm of a rare, talented elite. But I agree with you: creative expression is part of human nature. Too often we are just afraid to try it or have been told that it is frivolous, but it is very important to the soul. Thank you for your work and thoughts.

        • Camilla thank you for your comment. I believe that we all can and I would love to see many more expressing their views emotions or else on paper and canvases. Art is not a competition on being better than but a way to share and talk soundless in silence but with colours shapes and warm and love which for itself can say a lot.. even scream! I am glade people like you are here thanks for visiting and sharing your feelings.

    • Hi Someone once said that if you can’t write and express something try to draw or paint it as it is much more simple.. Trust me you don’t need to fantasies, you can do it and it is very simple.. It is much harder to write.. Thanks for the link I enjoyed it very much, what a great idea. Hope to see you around soon with your first drawing and don’t worry we all started not knowing what to do, it will improve. Beside I am here if you have a question, have a nice day and thanks for coming to say hello.

    • Very simple… you take the picture of that beautiful lady laying on the top of your Blog, turn her upsdie down. and start draw her with simple lines… try to forget she is a person or a beautiful person… just draw. Of-course don’t forget to upload the picture once you finished and after we will try it again. Ignor when you are drawing thinking it is a person!…. You are already half way there, bring it to our coffee date. And trust me the next time you do it you will get better… few more you can add another sub menu on your Blog. Gallery! have a good weekend painting… in between the parties.

    • Dear Crazybaglady.. I think it times you take the bag off.. love to see your eyes.. Thank you for thinking about me but you know me by now, I don’t do awards because I have the best award right here.. you! and my fellow friends that visit me every time. That is the biggest award one can get and I am happy. I do apologise and hope you will understand. Have a great day and keep smiling it is a great award! xxx

      • Hi Doron. I understand completely. I know the awards are just a bit of fun. For me, i just play it because I want bloggers like you to know I appreciate your work and blogs. It is not about participation x

        • The day I’ll doubt or understand your friendship and appreciation there I’ll run away miles.. as it will be a very sad day.. No award in the world will ever replace it but your present. I am grateful to know you and I thank you for thinking about me at times and taking the time to visit and say hello. Have a great day xx

          • I am truly grateful for your support of my work. Without blogger friends like you, I would have stopped sketching a long time ago! For this I thank you x

          • Thank you, I feel it is mutual. Please keep sketching because you have a talent and no doubt many look forward to see your work every time, you can develop further but you also make many around you smile x

    • Binky that is very kind of you glade you find the time to visit me during such a busy time… haaa by the way watch it Fraz is on the road…. I even saw him skiing yesterday so watch those slopes…

    • RoSy thank you very much I was just reading your last post. Nice to meet you and what a great pleasure to appear at the adams earlier. I was invited for dinner could not let them down.. They are great people.. but don’t tell them. Thanks for visiting me and hope to see you soon on one of Frazline flights…. they serve a chocolate to die for. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  17. Great stuff! – I’m glad you found Betty Edwards helpful, I have been reading and re-reading her for over 20 years, it is brilliant (though whether it has a scientific basis is uncertain – that’s irrelevant anyway). Thanks for following my blog, I hope you find it interesting. Cheers! Tony

    • Tony thank you for return a visit you are always welcome. I found it very interesting and I have tried it on number of work I did. It is always helpful to detached yourself from the subject infront of you. Drawing it always come out good. Of-course I would never give up the enjoyment of seeing something and painting it direct which I always prefer. But I am sure it is a good way to start for someone that state he can not draw or paint. See you around Doron

  18. This is a fine effort my friend, it is not easy painting portraits
    but is even more difficult when the subject is of ones own image.

    Well done and thank you for rattling
    my Gates, I have granted you access
    to my Space 🙂 Welcome Doron…


    • Andro it is great pleasure to be aloud to your castle.. i often see your comments on Wombania and you make me smile.. and I wonder to myself.. this fellow is kind sharing with me chocolate wine gums and pizzas too.. but I yet to sit and dine on his table. Thanks for your good comments and making me often smile.. i believe the next knock you hear at the gate… it is me my friend.. mean time enjoy the extra surplus chocolate this weekend courtesy Peter the greatest.. It is great to be in a company of you great masters and few funny wombies, adios.

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  20. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you’re
    a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will come back down the road.

    I want to encourage you to continue your great writing, have a nice morning!

    • Thank you so much for visiting me and your kind comment. I visited your blog and was also impressed with your game knowledge very much. Thanks again.

  21. Great goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too excellent.
    I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.
    You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible.
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    great site.

    • Sorry to hear it my friend good luck with the treatment I will try any food if it is going to work and help. Let me know how you getting on and I’ll cross my fingers for you my friend.

  22. I had to take the lift down here Doron
    wow what a journey but at least there
    was a box of chocolates, you are very
    kind leaving a snack like this 🙂

    How are you getting along my wonderful
    friend, I haven’t been around on WordPress
    very much lately but I haven’t forgotten
    you or anyone here, I have just been doing
    different things, and having fun 🙂

    I will be calling in again this week and taking
    a look around, probably sampling some of the
    fish and chips that you added some months
    back and maybe grabbing some wine to wash
    them down too 🙂 Yes I will save you some 🙂

    Have an awesome rest of Hump Day Doron 🙂


    • Andro it is always great to smell you around… I saw nearly on every site I visited tonight a letter of love from yourself popular guy…. We do believe in freedom and salut you having fun outside our shell WP no doubt freshing up you will have some new ideas to show us all some melting chocolates figures..
      Looking always to have your nice smell walking around my gallery viewing my treasure collection. No doubt your inspiration will turn into the next master piece…
      Welcome back my friend good to see you around 🙂

  23. OH wow this is so encouraging! I might get out my paintings and art and share them. What a wonderful idea. I love this journey you are taking and the watercolor background on your blog is stunning! 😀 Wow

    • That is great Michelle please do I am sure you will enjoy it and remember I am always here to help. There is a superb community also available to assist. So just enjoy and thank you for your kind comment 🙂

    • Andro my friend… that is the first call I received this year without any sound… but as it is you my friend I’ll accept it. Thanks for the visit to my kingdom, hope you enjoyed the bread and salt on offer… and wine to wash it down… No doubt I’ll venture to your secret castle shortly to taste the exquisit chocolate collection you have put on offer for the guests. Have a Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year you your family and the little angels 🙂

    • I am glade I recognise those pair of eyes of Zoey in my spam box. I don’t always check it if at all and wonder why it strayed over there but at least I found it so I am straight going to your blog. I hope it proved to be as good as we wished each other have a good weekend 🙂

    • Thank you very much, close your eyes and try, you will be amazed what you can do…. and if you try it again and again by the 7 day it will be a miracle… looking forward to see it posted 🙂

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