At the beginning

Hi my name is Doron, I have decided to start a blog to show my paintings. For some time I wanted to tell my story and to take people along my journey with painting. My main reason is that I am sure there are many people out there in a very similar situation. I hope that my story will encourage others and will prove that everyone can paint.

For several years I had some health problem and no one could identify what was the cause. The diagnosis was changed every few months. Finally following some findings, my consultant decided that I should have an operation and it would change my life. I was not sure at the time that he was right to make such a statement! But some change obviously happened that is why I am writing about it.

In 2009 I had an operation which after few days proved to be a mistake. After a long time of suffering, the professionals decided that something is wrong and I had to go under the knife yet once more. But that is another story and not the one I want to share here. I had to stop working, a job which I very much enjoyed. Due to the continuous problems that followed the second operation I am still sitting indoors on most days unable to go back to my job.

Sitting indoor, was not fun for me as I am an outgoing person, love people and socialising. I also enjoyed taking part in sport. I soon realised that before I go insane I must find some activity to keep me going. I took an Open University course but quickly realised that I cannot concentrate due to the medication I was on so I had to find something else… the question was what????

I always fancied drawing and never found time to do it. I discovered in my Golf Club, there was a painting club, which focused more on the socialising side so I joined. I could not attend often as I was sick and I realised that I did not have a clue about painting. Very quickly I knew that I liked the subject and thought maybe I should learn a bit about it before I returned to the club although help was on hand. I watched some videos on the internet and bought a couple of books. I had all the time in the world to draw and later on to even starting to paint. On the television there was a painting program that I watched for a few times, it led me to join a society called ‘The Society for all artists’- in short the SAA.

Some of my paintings are based on pictures I have seen and lessons I watched on the SAA quarterly magazine and TV channel.

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