Learning by watching others

Joining the SAA was a changing point in my painting journey. I could watch and read about other artists I also could buy some tools at very reasonable prices and explore the ‘Painting’ world. I picked up various techniques and realised that there are so many methods and so many ways to paint and there was more to learn about it. Doing and practicing was the best method to move along. All over a sudden I realised that this is such a big world and there is so much to learn and to do, but you cannot do it all. I quickly learned that everyone can paint and there is always a way of painting that can suit someone out there.

I started painting in water colour which to my surprise as I discovered later was not the easiest media to work with. But the majority of people start with water colours first as they remember their school days and think it is the quickest way to start. Once you do, you very quickly find that it is a little different. Initially I tried to follow all the painting video classes and do some drawing as improving here made the painting easier. Drawing is an easy task as you can always take with you a sketch book and couple of pencils. Painting can act as a medicine, when you paint it takes your mind off your pains. Every day I am looking forward to my painting. Sometimes I read about it and sometimes I may watch a program about painting or an artists. Everything about paintings fascinates me and I continuously drown in the strong flowing stream of painting. But with time I learn to swim along the way and some time even managed to paint some good painting too.

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