Getting better

Time has passed since I first started painting and slowly but gradually I feel a great improvement. Recently, I found the courage to try other Medias beside the water colours I used to paint with. It is easy and not such an expensive trial if you pick up a starter student pack. All you do is try to see if it suits you and your style and if it does not there is no big loss. To be honest, I always wanted to paint with Oil or Acrylics. Slowly I have gained some experience and I recently attempted those different Medias which I found very enjoyable to work with. After some tests I painted a couple of pictures. I have taken an evening Oil painting class in the Adult Education centre, to make sure that I understand how to use the Oil correctly. Using some strong and smelly materials made me concerned so I wanted to follow it right before I caused too much damage. To be honest that is the beauty of being able to seek help when you deal with something new that you are not 100% sure about, for everything else we have the internet. Other wise you can always learn by trial and error. It is much easier now a day as you can Google a question or a subject and everything falls into your hands. It is up to you to try and experiment with the subject and the more you do it the easy and clearer it becomes. I think the most important concept in this subject which has huge information, is not to fear and try everything you like to do, you can always do another one. Trust me I never painted before and with time you get better, the more you do the easier it become. I cannot recommend it more and you do not have to wait years till you retire as many do. Keep it as a hobby even if you are still going through your daily survival game, it can only relax you and add some beauty to your life.

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