Back to the club

As a self taught painter, I recognise that in order to get better, you also need to have a class or two to uplift your game and knowledge. In such environment you have someone experienced who understands the subject standing beside you ready to teach or correct you. You feel much safer if there is someone around you to guide and give you direction but at the same time can also develop your skills even better. I took an adult education course for drawing and painting which I also found, while spending so much time at home as a good way to socialising. While taking the class, I also returned and spent more time with the painting group at my golf club. Every time I went to this inviting nice group, which I very much love, I felt that my painting was also improving. In a way it was my compensation, while being there and meeting the members, for not being able to play golf which I missed a lot since I became ill. In this group we mainly paint in water colours and everyone paints their own subject, although we watch each others work. We have some very good painters in this group and some are always on hand to suggest or show us how to do something or correct it when it all goes pear shaped. Of-course we have a tea break when we leave the painting and catch up with the latest gossip in the club, and the world. I find it a very relaxing and enjoyable couple of hours and it is amazing to see how people that have never held a brush became such a good painters, pros! We have a long wall in the club to display our work that we change regularly with new paintings week by week.

One Reply to “Back to the club”

  1. Terrific ‘Olympics’ – love brut /naive – I get it. I was advised not to take a drawing class so that I did not get confused 🙂 – I did take monoprinting classes (hours and hours) which helped me advance my art regarding colour, space, depth etc. but as for drawing I took the advice and feel okay with the decision as what I paint is usually a nice surprise lol

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