Painting and Chronic pains

After my operations I suffered severe chronic pains. I am currently participating in a course at St. Thomas Hospital teaching me how to live with pains (INPUT). I share this course with Kerry, Kay, Vivien, Rahme, Pat, Sue and Zoe. At times when the pains reach high level we all in common found that we turned away to our ‘Room’ which is our safety zone sanctuary.

I always loved the seaside and for me it is a beautiful icon of freedom and pleasure, pains free. With recent inspiration from Martin Taylor’s series of painted postcards, in The Artist magazine I have also painted some postcards during my hospital stay with my small travel painting kit. I am going to give one of the cards, to each one of my new friends, so at times when they feel down they can visit the imaginative beautiful seaside and gain some strength to deal with the pains… I said before that everyone can paint and painting always gave me additional strength during my illness. I hope one day to encourage and help many more people that suffer like me to paint as all they have to do is to pick-up paints and brushes and enjoy the therapeutic art, it helps.

4 Replies to “Painting and Chronic pains”

  1. I would love to be good at painting. I have the supplies but have not started. I have a form of atypical trigeminal neuralgia that causes constant extreme pain. I am 54 and have been on morphine for over five years. I don’t know what is stopping me from setting things up to start to paint. Any suggestions to get me going?

  2. You are right Doron I think we are all boosted by views of the sea paintings ..photographs .. being there .. you can understand people in days gone by going to the coast to convalesce …
    Like these little sketches 🙂

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