Stuffed Birds

When they told me that we are going to paint stuffed birds in our art club, I thought that it is not appealing subject for me. I always felt that birds should be somewhere in the open, completly free up in the air. I rather paint them outdoor in their natural habitat if possible. Seeing those two beautiful stuffed Eagles was amazing. After all they were not armed at all and were part of professional collection from Eagle Heights Wildlife Park. So it make a big different and put me little more in ease with the subject. I enjoyed looking into their beautiful mean eyes in close-up which I doubt I could acheive with any lively bird. To see their power sheer strength and beauty, I could not resist sketching those majestic birds.


I paint something and after a short while I felt that something was missing.. Sometime I can’t stop myself fiddling and play with the colours, painting.. Bad habit, as it become a complete new painting… But i feel much better this time.

Top Height

Colourful Eagle

So I did it again here…

On top of the world

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