Painting Picnic

Couple of months ago on a cold day we took our grandchildren for a picnic in the forest. In the break after playing out and exploring the woods, we enjoyed a small picnic. I wanted them to make a painting to remind them of a great day, with some paints I took with us. Of-course we also had a ball to play with and great food to munch. I hope you will enjoy Mia (9) and Finlay (5) paintings. They probably painted before in school and/or kindergarten but that was their first Picnic’s paintings ever which I am sure they will always remember. It is a start and as you see everyone can paint everywhere if you want too. Enjoy

The paintings

Picnics Paintings

The paintings

Mia Forest

Finlay's Forest

Mia and Finlay

2 Replies to “Painting Picnic”

    1. Katleen Thank you for your comment. I wish I was painting earlier in life but at least I do now. I always enjoy watching your style and paintings.

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