Winter on our door

A while ago it was Autumn and leaves still falling off the trees.. Days are short and it is Winter knocking on our doors. It is damp and bleak, I can even feel the cold in my bones. They probably start displaying the Christmas decoration in the shops and people will soon start singing Christmas carols…

Walking Home

First Winter Slide

The painting above inspired by an exercise I saw in our magazine by Trevor Waugh. Sometime, I have spare moment or two which I pass by trying my hand following those exercises. I know that keeping painting various subjects improve you as an artist. I feel that each part of one painting probably lead you and make your next one.

Slippery Mt. Sion

16 Replies to “Winter on our door”

  1. My my, each one of these is a gem. Can’t decide which one I like more.
    The first one gives a warm romantic kinda feeling, love the little family with umbrella and the masterful rendition of depth in the background.
    The middle one reminds me of my own kids in winter 😀 a lovely amicable scene.
    The bottom one, it almost reminds me of a street I used to know in the south-Estonian city of Tartu 😀

    The intro on the top sets the mood just right.

    Did you use photographs for these?

    1. Hi Javed, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I also remembered my childhood while painting the second paintings. The third was painted from memory as the street is not far from me and I often walk passed there, however the snow was last year memory. I must admit that I walked there again after painting and I saw so much more details that I regretted not taking a photo, so now I did.. But it was too late as I already painted the scene. Never mind they told me it is called ‘Artistic Licence’ with so much James Bond around at the moment… I nearly wrote…’artistic licence to kill’… No it is clearly to PAINT!

  2. These are beautiful…thank you for like on “about me”. Looking forward to following your work.

    1. Vincent thanks. Here is an easy challenge for you my friend to write about, off-course one morning after the beautiful lady passes by. You wrote couple of words in your comment, which to me are great and amazing. We all liked to be appreciated and you have shown how simple in life it can be…. even that they seems short for a writer… I think it is something we all should adopt … well appreciated, cheers.

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