Maaaa sound familiar but not so much when the weather is turning cold. It is a sound more likely in spring. As the snow come down south in England and the days get colder, I thought to paint a winter scene. After watching some of the Christmas cards  painted by Martin Taylor I had a go. I am not sure if it was good enough to be my nominated Christmas scene yet.. I am sure there will be few more later on.  And to make you feel more in season I even switched the snow to fall on my Blog site… So keep warm and I must rush to put the fire on and also put a jumper on.

Maaaa it's Cold

7 Replies to “Maaaa”

    1. Tim Thank you.
      Another funny feeling is that it was like a call for snow as we woke up to that nice white stuff this morning… Mind you we don’t see it as often and as much as you do, Interesting.

      1. We actually rarely get snow at our home, because we live at such a low elevation. So when we do, we really enjoy it. However, I’m in the snow a lot at work.

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