6 Replies to “Guernsey”

    1. Violet thank you, I some time see a picture in a magazine and I like it so I decide to paint it. That is the story of Guernsey. I find that if I can paint a small painting a day, I can improve a little bit and get used to composition, colours mix and many more. At the moment I try to paint more simpler and loose. I like your collection very much and hope one day to see a small book with it.

    1. Javed, Thank you for your comment. You always positive and mention what work for you in my paintings. I appreciate as it helps me to focus and work on those aspects and develop.

  1. I really love this piece I admire your ambition Im deathly afraid to paint panoramic views with architecture, but I love to see it done. Thanks for liking my post and visiting my blog, and I look forward to seeing more of your work

    1. Thank you for your comment. Don’t ever be afraid of anything in life, just do it and luckily with paintings if you are not sure about the result, you can do it again and again. I always try something new here unfortunately if I don’t like it, I am too lazy to do it again. But something similar always pops up later again.

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