Inspiration by French

Often I look around and see pictures or paintings which I very much like. Normally it is painted by an artist that I also like. I recently read an article about The Basic triad by, Soraya French. I like Soraya style and with her inspiration I painted in acrylics my ‘French’. When I named the painting, I did not think much about the name. It took me few minutes later to notice that although it was an obvious Mediterranean, French village, like Soraya painted, actually her name is also ‘French’ so here you have it a combination based on two ‘French’. As she suggested in her article and by the paintings she displayed, ‘French Landscape’, I also used green, purple and orange to paint it.


2 Replies to “Inspiration by French”

    1. Thank you, I find that in the mediterranean it can be anywhere as they have simmilar style. It is an older painting I did and since I met Sorya French this year to work with her. Thanks for taking me back and your time to stop here.

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