Knole Park

Knowle’s National Trust, is one of the nice places we have around this area. Last summer we were out painting there and the sun was shinning…. Couple of months later and it is the white stuff all over…

Knole under Snow

6 Replies to “Knole Park”

  1. This is very lovely Doron ! You live in Kent ??
    We did too for awhile and walked many times around and through Knole Park lovely place for dogs and children to let off staem πŸ˜€ somewhere I have a very bad sketch of the front like yours with the tower. Would you believe it though I never visited the house itself but it’s on my to-visit-list . Happy Sketching πŸ™‚

    1. Poppy, Thank you for your comment, your pictures are amazing. I think that I also planned to go in few times and never made it.. I’ll add it to my to do list, like this concept! The outdoor in Knole Park is so beautiful that you probably don’t feel like going indoor.

      1. You are probably right πŸ˜‰ also you might get lost inside … I think there are over 365 rooms ! not all open of course tho .

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