Put your bets Now

A day at the races, put your bets now… First come, win it all.. I personally Don’t like the sound of it. I love horses but I am not fond of betting not sure I like the racing that comes with it. What do you feel about it?


10 Replies to “Put your bets Now”

  1. I sit on the wall I have to say . I don’t like thought of horses being hurt jumping fences and going full pelt for our betting desires … but some of those race horses do seem /appear to love the chase and excitiement ..not sure .
    Love that watery effect …you are clever Doron !

    1. Gerri thank you for your comment which is always appreciated. I try to paint loose at times and more wet to wet as it is fun and the paint mixed interestingly. Mind you I do both and I have a nice oil painting with a horse sitting around waiting to be finished. I love your style very much and I will try to do some of my portraits, life paintings which I am teaching myself to do at the moment on the same concept. At least I have a good teacher at the end of the line.

  2. I like the loose, spontaneous way you handled this. It is tempting for both experienced and less experienced artists to overwork this kind of subject especially in watercolor.
    Thanks for following my blog. Keep enjoying your art.
    Your ‘Right side of the Brain’ portraits are really good. I’ve sworn by that book for about 20 years now.

    1. Sarah Thank you, I also love the end results and the ability to experiment with colour run & mix. It also work with acrylics when you use it like water colours. The right side of the brain is very interesting and it is amazing as it help anyone to draw. Have a good week.

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