On a snowy day, the Cyclamen on the corner of the garden near the stairs, kept their bright colours shining through

Rakafot basheleg


12 thoughts on “Rakafot

  1. I wanted to ask you on your water colour pieces, do you any way sketch them in, or do you just go to with the water colours?

    • Hi Bradley, In water colours I some time draw with pencil and some time straight paint. If I draw with pencil I always leave the marks as I like it and probably lazy to remove it also. Mind you I don’t draw all the details but the main features to give me some guide lines and to see that it all fall in place.

    • Poppy thank you, some time it work and some time it don’t. I like colours and many times find that in water colours maybe I put too much. Some time I enjoy paint and water down the colours and other times I like them to make a statement. If we don’t try we never learn and I always wear my big ‘L’ plate experimenting. Nothing wrong with your colours I love your ‘Optimism’ no fear of colours there.

    • Javed Thank you, great to see you back and as always I like your obsarvation comments. Together we are all learning and creating, or at least we feel we try.

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