12 Replies to “Rakafot”

  1. I wanted to ask you on your water colour pieces, do you any way sketch them in, or do you just go to with the water colours?

    1. Hi Bradley, In water colours I some time draw with pencil and some time straight paint. If I draw with pencil I always leave the marks as I like it and probably lazy to remove it also. Mind you I don’t draw all the details but the main features to give me some guide lines and to see that it all fall in place.

      1. I like when the marks are left as well, I really need to try this, thanks for your reply.

    1. Poppy thank you, some time it work and some time it don’t. I like colours and many times find that in water colours maybe I put too much. Some time I enjoy paint and water down the colours and other times I like them to make a statement. If we don’t try we never learn and I always wear my big ‘L’ plate experimenting. Nothing wrong with your colours I love your ‘Optimism’ no fear of colours there.

      1. Thank you Doron ! that’s really nice to hear .
        Have a lovely week end I think it’s supposed to be bright sunny but chilly tomorrow .. I think I can manage to enjoy that 😀

        1. Poppy, thank you. I think we will take what ever weather will turn up our way with a smile as we are here to enjoy it. After all we can always turn it even nicer with our colours.

    1. Javed Thank you, great to see you back and as always I like your obsarvation comments. Together we are all learning and creating, or at least we feel we try.

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