In my recent acrylics/oil painting class the subject was drapery. When you watch some of the quality of work around you are amazed how good some of the people are. I sometime wonder how they manage to paint such fine delicate lines or how long it take them to paint each paintings. I had to paint a drapery which would be slightly different and be my own… so it was not on a model body but on car park along the road.

Before Someone Car

and After


8 Replies to “Drapery”

  1. What a fine figure of a car … such an outline hinted at with those folds .. it’s hard to believe you didn’t have classical art background sitting in studios with draped marbled young ladies and young men Doron ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Poppy I do it in reverse… so at least something to look forward.. Thank you for your comment, I enjoyed working on this one and I quite like it. I have seen some of the paintings of drapers around and it is amazing to see the skill of people… I always say that I would like to be a painter when I grow up…. I am nearly there that is in age…. I hope the painting will follow ha ha ha

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