King Charles the Martyr Church

Welcome to abstract King Charles Martyr Church in Tunbridge Wells. On my last oil/acrylics evening class we painted realistic abstracts. Some times I paint a portrait which demands some good lines and look a like features and I find it challenging and enjoyable. Often I find that I need to escape those lines and paint loose and more abstract. I enjoy both, although I find that when I paint abstract I enjoy some freedom and the paintings is full with me with my personal expressions.  It also give the viewer their own say about the picture, which I enjoy very much. I have no doubt that soon there will be here few more portraits based on my abstract’s freedom too… Enjoy.

King Charles the Martyr Church

22 Replies to “King Charles the Martyr Church”

  1. Doron this is so gorgeous ! Those colours are a joy to look at in the grey gloom we have here at the moment . How lovely to free up your abstract side or is that abstract your free (dom) side 😀
    Thinking of Tunbridge Wells …Churches such like nearby maybe you have seen the Marc Chagall stained glass windows here ? .They are truly wonderful .

    1. Poppy thank you for your nice comment. I like the abstract painting as I enjoy playing with colours and the freedom to express my feelings at the time of painting the subject. I know Marc Chagall work very well as I have seen his work early on in my life, thank you for bringing it back. I went to see Mall Galleries today… It made me forget the grey gloom and even some of my pains, seeing such great quality work.

  2. So colorful! And your strokes hardly muddle themselves with one another. Something I must practice.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It is one of my favorites too. I like the abstract very much and I am sure you will see some more in the future.

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