Violet Special Green tea

Violet is one of my favourite artist, I love her art work which she is painting daily. Every day I wait to see what special paintings she is doing. Recently she was making and painting her tea, she asked how we would like ours…. so I thought I should give her a challenge… It did not take her long and she brewed me her special goddess recipe which will sit here on my desk. By the way you did not see her chocolate yet… so rush to her Blog as when they have gone they have gone!

Violet Gallery


Doron, an artist in WordPress( explain about his green tea in my “Today’s Tea”post .He normally likes his tea with ginger but it seems he prefer today’s tea with a slice of lemon swimming inside! 😃 I’m sending you a brunch of mint too just because they are so nice with lemons😃

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6 Replies to “Violet Special Green tea”

  1. I love to see what you are BOTH up to …painting,sketching, eating chocolates, or just enjoying a Tea Party we can all join in with 😉

    1. Ah, poppytump, believe me that I wish to have tea , coffee with all of you one day somewhere in the world! It would be a great great tea party❤😃

    2. Absolutly, team challenge great idea, you are on… While I enjoy my morning green tea… could do with a chocolate too.. She is very good and I like Violet work very much. She started with the tea.. she might arrange us a full 5 course meal who knows?

  2. Thank you so much Doron for reblogging and your lovely words. I really appreciate !
    Ah, t I ate all my chocolates and so sad to couldn’t share!!! (´・_・`) Will prepare it for next tea party!!!❤

    1. Pleasure, great you are on…. don’t forget to send invitaions, it can be the first ‘Tea Party’ for millions on WordPress. I like the idea very much. Start working on your own make chocolate design we will sell it world wide… Poppy will think about the name…

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