Tea for Two

Violet, I enjoyed your green tea so much that I had to return your favour and invite you for one also. I can see from here that you are so busy sketching at the moment so how about a short break… I had to invite Poppy too..she loves a cup of tea around miday… Enjoy.Image

8 Replies to “Tea for Two”

  1. Waaaaaawwwwwww, wonderful Doron! I’m just running over there ! Wao, sweets too! 😃 Nothing better than to have sweets with tea! Specially after scketching ! Harry up , poppy ! Tea will get cold😃❤

  2. Ooh rushes in *out of breath*… I have been out all day … just in …now ready to demolish a Cup of Tea and a Fancy !
    Doron you’ve spoilt us … thank you 😉

    1. No rush..take it easy… we wonder where have you been all day.. No doubt it is always better to sit down relax and have a good drink with great company… take your time, I’ll make a fresh one.

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