Muriel, posted for me few pictures she took today on her Facebook page of the place where she live. If you only saw those pictures, each one was like a small post card asking to be painted. She is living in Cumbria which is a beautiful area, in my view like switzerland. I quickly sketched a couple as soon as I saw them and I hope you can also see why this area is so beautiful and pictures. I had to add another one which was done later on. I have some water colours sitting beside me on the desk and every time when I see a nice picture if I have time it get sketched on a 15×20. I use it to exercise, either with water colours or pencil, as a friend in my club suggested, to improve paint at least one a day. If it looks special, it probably will turn one day for an acrylics, or oil painting.

SwissCumbria If only I had my sandwichesnever shy of a challengewhite fields

8 Replies to “Cumbria”

  1. You have taken his advice Doron and so the work pays off ! I like the little community of single storey cottages all cosy with open fires or woodburners I bet and I’ve seen a few trees clinging to the hedgerow with roots and moss like your one there too .

    1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my work as I also enjoy yours. I like the tree as the more I look I wonder what a life story it had. Thank you for your comment.

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