I read last week about The eightbyeight Project that was set up to support the work of Camille’s Appeal, the children’s brain tumour charity

In April 2013 the eightbyeight Project are bringing an exciting and innovative exhibition to Eden Court, Inverness.
‘Childhood Explored’ will feature donations of work from around the UK and beyond, from professional, semi-professional, student and hobbyist artists, photographers, craftspeople and other creatives from diverse disciplines, celebrating what Childhood means to them, and raising awareness of Camille’s Appeal’s vital work. All profits raised from the sale of work go directly to the charity.

Recently I had posted ‘Young Pose’ one of my recent paintings the ‘Fear’, yes about that nice little English Springer dog. The dogs had connection to my children and was a present for my daughter 7 years birthday. I have decided to donate it for the charity and hope that it will make someone smile and they can donate something towards this important charity. I hope you are all going to visit the site and support this charity even if it is with something little (Please click the link here). Thank you for your support.


19 Replies to “Eightbyeight”

        1. Thank you, you are very kind to me. And if he manage to raise some funds for the appeal I’ll be even happier. Actually I always will be happy with him as he gave us all such a great company and love over 15 years.

  1. The dog is really cute – I love the emotion on its face, I’d say it looks a bit surprised 🙂

    Glad to hear you decided to donate it to 8×8, I hope it will find a good home. K.

    1. Thank you that is very kind and the answer is you can! Everybody can…pick up a brush, paint and start today you will be surprise how good you can be.. I am also learning by practicing and trying… never saw on my birth certificate… Painter! Looking forward to see your first painting soon and we are all here to help each other if you feel you want to ask something.. It is a joint journey..

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