Shopping with mum

We all remember as youngsters going shopping with mum. Ok it probably was not in a nice shopping mall but in the main high street, but it is all changed and very quick. Some probably would not know what i am talking about… (hide your age Doron). When Violet painted her shop fronts I was working doing mine.. I had one shop in mind but with the exictment, I ended up doing the mall. I put the first stage here below and added the finish painting at the end, Knowing me I’ll tweak it up again.. Enjoy

Shopping with mum

and Dad too

Final Shopping with Mum Again

12 Replies to “Shopping with mum”

  1. This is wonderful, love everything about it. This is one of my favorites you have done to date, may I ask the size?

    1. Thanks mate, this is 42x30cm To be honest I start loving Realistic Abstracts and I think it is something I will work more on beside others. I find it hard to do wet on wet with water colours but once you get the hang of it, It is great.

  2. This is wonderful ,Doron!
    The only thing to this painting is a frame ! Get a frame for that and decorate it on the wall !
    I love it❤❤❤❤

  3. How lovely to be back entering *Doron’sColourfulWorld* once again !
    I’ve enjoyed my quick skedaddle round the Mall with you 😉 I too remember the trudge along the high street though – when I would have much rather been swinging down the garden reading my comic LOL

    1. Poppy missed you, it is good to see you back.. Who can swing in a garden in super minus C temp…. I am rushing for another cuppa to warm up. Have a good day.

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