Fishing Boats in a Stormy Bay

Love the scene of those fishing boats.. as usual high on imagination.. Got a little excited and added it to a stormy evening, at least it added some great drama… maybe carried away?!

Stormy bay 2 Stormy bay

16 Replies to “Fishing Boats in a Stormy Bay”

    1. Thank you my friend. I thought I messed it up a bit.. However I enjoy looking at the seascape and fishing boats scene. I also have to mention once again how please I am to see your photos again and again, keep it coming on.

  1. Not carried away at all…love it! This painting really pulls you in and has your searching…the dark clouds goes perfect with the light beach.

    1. Thanks Bradley.. I take it you watched it with your sun glasses.. The more I look at it.. I like it better and see it different thanks.

  2. An air of expectancy …will the rigging start to jangle as the wind gets up … will the storm blow over … night and day combined on one canvas … I love it Doron !

      1. did you mention a brew Doron … now your talking … put ‘t kettle on πŸ™‚
        which reminds me …we must all make a date for another Virtual Tea Party soon πŸ˜‰

        1. I am for it… yes the kettle boiled some 6-7 times since.. beside why are we doing virtual? Violet’s cakes are something else… leave alone her chocolate.. we need to have a proper tea party! and I promise we will throw nothing or nobody to the sea.

          1. you’re on . I await an invite . and I shall bring a cake too if I have advance notice πŸ˜‰

    1. Jane, Thank you for your comments I enjoy reading your interesting work too and understand the meaning of the words that make it easy to understand.

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