9 Replies to “The Vase +”

  1. I would agree, love the over all colour of the piece, job well done! I know what you mean by good enough. At some point you have to let the painting be and move on to the next one. Sometimes that easier said than done.

    1. Braley so true… if the sit around they somehow get a touch even weeks and months after.. It is one of the greatest thing in Art.. To let Go!!! unfortunately no one yet invented that ruler with the measurments and the great words ‘it is perfect stop now!

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughts about my art. I saw you are new to Blogging and trust me it is very enjoyable. I always feel I am new here with great old friends but you can only learn from your mistakes. they have great support so don’t hesitate to use it.And we are always an email away to assist if we know.

  2. There are so many greens and then there are the greens that are affected by light and shadow. Enjoy your journey. Try mixing many types of yellow [ocher to primary] and many blues = crazy number of greens + don’t forget black and yellow. When I started doing botanicals I ‘assumed’ so much about my world – I guess everything was compressed into an icon. When you treat a plant like a portrait, you will see more. Some plants are green/blue and some are yellow/green – some are symmetrical and some are asymmetrical. Enjoy. Not a bad effort – very pleasant.

    1. Jacuieline, very kind of you to take the time to comment in length, which I appreciate very much. I take notes and I am sure it will make a different. Thank you.

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