12 Replies to “Fjord”

    1. Claudio, you are welcome and thank you. Loved the soothing music on your site did not find where to leave a comment. Great choice my friend and so peaceful, love it.

    1. Violet, Thanks, not sure why I did not receive a thing from you in the last couple of days.. sometime I think it is a problem with wordpress. I am knocking on your door in a second.. or two.

      1. Recently I don’t know why I don’t receive some new posts of blog that I follow in my reader. So sometimes I have to click for unfollow , again follow . And some I have to go their blog straightly !!!
        Sorry Doron ! I opened the door little late! (´・_・`)
        Looking forward to see moooooorreee your works😃❤❤❤

  1. I quite feel I’m on the hillside in my hiking boots looking down there Doron !
    The blues all work so well together and then that splash of greenyellow for a bit of zing makes it sing to me 🙂

    1. I am probably on your side here.. as I also enjoy the hiking and hills at the country side. Mind you I love the water too…. but with such a view do we really needs more? What an harmony of colours and scenery and sometime the little things in life can please you so much more… Thank you. It is funny I always paint something that catch my eyes and I like.. but often I return and look at it again and again and think what it does to me. Maybe we have very strong feelings and enjoy what we see or we are just two good dreamers, thanks.

  2. Beautiful! I love this painting, it reminds me of the Alaska Glacier cruise we took last July.

    1. Linda, I always feel good when one of my paintings remind someone something special.. It is a beautiful place and very much similar as you said to Alaska Glacier. Glade you enjoyed it and thank you.

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