Once I got ill one of the thing I had to drop was my golf which I loved so much… Every week I used to look forward to play at the weekend in TWGC. I would like to dedicate the club, one of my recent oil paintings, ‘The First’. As the name suggest you can see the view of the first and the second holes at the club. Looking at it I know how much I missed the game… Beside as you can see, the place is so beautiful and it is right in the middle of the town. I am sure there will be more pictures from the club displayed here soon.

The First

7 Replies to “TWGC”

    1. Violet, Thank you I try to feel too, but it is so cold out there far too fresh… let the sun shine a bit.. While I play and experiment with my water colours I always have something going in acrylics or oils which I enjoy working very much.

  1. What a great shame you have to miss out on your golf Doron .
    Glad you have discovered that your painting can be a new challenge & that you take pleasure from perhaps a more creative stroll across the green nowadays 🙂

    1. You are very thoughtful thank you. Yes life is very short and we keep having changes. Nothing wrong with it as we need to learn to accept and very true, how lucky I am that I managed to find paintings. I always like positive thinking and enjoy what you have then what you can’t… enjoy the half full cup! Thank you for your support and good thinking too.

  2. Beautiful scenery Doron – happy that at one point you had the opportunity to play, for it gives you a gift of pleasant memory and happy times.

    1. Mary thank you it does and still challenge me to go back if I ever manage it again. But you said some great words and I agree at least I had the pleasure to play and have the great memories even when the acceptence is much harder game to play. Luckily I find a great way to bring them back in colours which I am more then grateful today. 🙂 x

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