In one of our recent SAC meeting we had a session producing collage.. It clearly took me some time back in my memory lane.. probably to nursery times or early school. I loved every minute and managed to paint the ‘Lollipop trees and a boat’ and the ‘The Egg and the Chick’. Only using newspapers cut on a board with acrylics ink/ acrylics… quite easy. Enjoy and have a great Easter everybody.The Chick and the egg

Lollipop trees and a boat

13 Replies to “Collage”

  1. … fluffing up my make believe feathers and wishing that you too had a lovely weekend too Doron (hug)
    nice chooker 😉

    1. Linda thank you very much for your comment. I used some acrylics ink which made it lively, mind you as you noticed I like colours and sure too use them stronger in future. I enjoyed reading your blog also and love the horses you ride… even that one, yes the Harley.

    1. Jennifer, thank you very much. I actually enjoyed doing them and will try some more. I loved your Purple in the night veru much…. I love purple.. and those 5 beautiful sitting on the branch are so cute and lovely the rest of pictures also.

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