Our sevenoaks Art Club started a new society called the MOPS which is midweek outdoors painters. We try to meet every fortnight in another location and paint in the fresh air.. This week we met in Ide Hill and it was little more then fresh… It was rainning and blowing gale storm. So each member set in their car and sketch painted. I prepare my painting which later I finished indoors! in Oils for a change, all is painted with a knife which was quite new to me. Enjoy.

Ide Hill Heavy shower clear the last snow

8 Replies to “MOPS”

  1. Great painting , Doron!
    Love colors contrast and also ye way you used knife😃beautiful !
    I used to paint by oil colors when I was high school girl!😃 But it turned place to colored pencil and water color now!
    You inspire me to paint by oil colors again! ❤

    1. Violet Thank you that is great you are very good at what you do as I love your work, I also enjoy your the messages in your painting. I’ll enjoy and look forward to see your oil paintings also. I enjoyed painting outdoor although outside condition were lousy. Knife work came quite good although it was hard to use in small places but I put it down for learning and improving.

    1. Jennifer, Is it a new term to put in my dictionery.. We had the second outdoor, completely outdoors. Thank goodness the weather is changing for the better. Thanks.

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