You thought with the name that you probably will see a post about the ‘Titanic’, Or another try to paint that disaster. Well sorry it is not going to be ‘The Titanic’ but something based on it. In our oil painting class the subject was to paint something in a box or with space…. We had to paint something that you could see and show that there was space inside it something like box with some items inside it. Looking around the class, I saw this cupboard full of books and cloths. So I knew that it will be my box space and contents for this session. I start painting it and I only did a couple of shelves.. Karen my great teacher asked what will be at the bottom, or what is it standing on? I told her that I’ll have think about something… was not sure at all. After a while ‘The Titanic Library’ surfaced in mind… I have decided to put it in the water… waves, sinking… you know the full Titanic. The paintings was completed and I name it… ‘Titanic Library’. Hope no one is going to pull the plug though.. I am still thinking if I should add a gold-fish, a shark or maybe none… After all there is not a  matter of survives but jus good books.. What do you think?

Titanic Library

18 Replies to “Titanic”

  1. You are a scream Doron ! Love the way your mind works xx
    I should hate to see a library of books go down like this but realistically it must have happened so you have brought a new thought to what was lost on the Titanic .
    Love all the haphazard sea tilted piled up books 🙂

    1. Poppy, you always manage to make me laugh, thank you. I am turning the volume down… my apology. I know what I am missing around me with my new career… a great PR! You are simply the best, are you available? Don’t worry, I am sitting here all afternoon watching and making sure that no one would pull the plug. After all as you said I also could not let a good library go down.

    1. Gerri, thank you very much… Some time I look around and see the great work people do and I say to myself, how can one change or reinvent something and be more original. Very difficult but the more I learn about painting and search around the more I find…. it is a beautiful world and people still manage to be unique. I clearly did not try to be eccentric and as you read it was a coincidence, only tried to find something to put the cupboard standing on.. Thanks.

  2. So, you’re painting books…and it makes you think of the Titanic. Sometimes I see truly creative minds and am disappointed in my own lack of creativity. Other times I can only think, “This is brilliant.” Doron, this is brilliant. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, but please don’t be negative with yourself. You are young and all your life in-front of you! Be positive and believe in yourself. You already producing something others don’t do so feel good about yourslef. I am sure you have plenty more. Have fun as you said on your page and keep dancing.

    1. Violet Thank you. I find my evening class quite a joy as you do different subjects each time. Also to see how a group of people interpret the same subject in so many ways.

  3. I like your refreshing concept naming it ‘Titanic Library’
    as it is such a fitting name for this painting, I think it is
    absolutely fine without the sharks but a goldfish would
    certainly add a little joviality to the subject, though this
    is not a criticism as I really like this fine painting 🙂


    1. Never see it as a criticism beside how i am going to improve without me.. Something deep inside told me to add those gold fish.. but the other suggested couple of whites.. could not make up my mind so neded with none.. I asked friend in Australia to start to look for it… they said they saw nothing! Thanks mate for taking time and visiting it is great to see your foot steps around..(y)

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