4 AM Sketch

What can one do during the night when you can not sleep and your chronic pains play with you. You feel lousy it is freezing cold and  it is snowing outside… I think drink a nice warm green tea and make sure you keep warm with an extra layer… and of-course sketch something to pass the time and warm the heart and keep the mind.

The Bridge at 4 AM

10 Replies to “4 AM Sketch”

    1. cheers, enjoy your tea and try to do it much earlier than 4:00am. Mind you I have a sketching book with me and when I am free… something get sketched in..

  1. Aw Doron am glad this was just a little time ago … I see 3:30 it is snowing written up there in g h o s t l y writing …
    At least you were productive and hopefully it took your mind off pains …
    Where is this little place I wonder….

    1. I think a couple of weeks ago.. look like up north maybe scotland or more likely your neck of the woods.. I used to and still take so many pictures and since I can’t afford the secretary anymore, I can’t find any details… filing is a thing of the past and the pile of photographes getting higher…. beside at 4:00 am it was too dark to see..

      1. 🙂 know that feeling well Doron … i was thinking Lake district or Scotland too …
        Hope your weekend is sunny down there in Kent …. The Garden of England 🙂

  2. This is beautiful sketch Doron!
    My God, still snowing?
    That’s a good idea to have an warm green tea in such a cold days…. How about an warm jinger lemon tea? I think we should have a tea party again!! 😃❤

    1. You are on… not snowing anymore.. I put the post and forgot about it.. I must rush and get some ginger lemon tea…. anything gree will do. I thought it will be different, so sometime I sketch for myself in my little book… We had a portrait session today in my club and the nice lady, my friend who demo in water colours told me to keep sketch all the time! Beside she said before painting a scene or anything to try to sketch and plan it sort of 15 minutes max.. I know I am lazy but I am going to do little more sketching. Poppy asked for another tea party ashort while ago.. I am ready and will try to do something tomorrow…. love your recent vegtables even when you are very busy…

    1. Julie, Thank you, I normally do… mind you this one was to pass time and forget the pains.. I am going to sketch a little bit more before I paint, I find it helping to set the compostion and tones. Specially if I paint it later on.

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