Friday Supper

On monday evening in my Oil class, we had to paint an abstract painting with no Brushes. I normally deep my hands and fingers anyway so I wondered what else should I use. I have decided to use a fork and knife.. so all that left was to think about the subject and it all clicked when I had a fish and chips picked the other night in that new store that opened down the road from where we live. I picked up few of those little plastic forks they have there on display and the subject came all together clear to me also.. Enjoy.

Friday Supper

12 Replies to “Friday Supper”

  1. I can almost reach out and take one of those chips,
    and now that I have seen your wickedly fine painting
    of the fish and chips I will have to make myself the
    best sandwich that I can think of 🙂

    I am so hungry now that I could lick your
    fish and chips straight from the monitor 🙂 lol

    Nicely painted Doron…


    1. Andro, I do apologise… i should have put at least a number for a take away… Sorry I did not mean to be that mean.. I had few complaints from friends that they start putting weight since they start watching my paintings… even that I paint very lean.. Don’t worry I am working on a new diet book.. watch that space..
      But again thanks for taking time to stroll my gallery I am working on installing some icecream machines on each corner.. at least it will be greasy cool 🙂

      1. Yes some salad dished could be a start towards the dieting collection, but first let us eat more of these fish and chips, oh and some ice cream for dessert will be gratefully accepted too 🙂 Have an awesome Wednesday Doron and keep adding to your wonderful art 🙂


        1. Andro thank you so much.. I think I like you very much even we just met.. How about fish and chips salad? and now to make sure you lose weight quick we can offer it with either chocolate sauce or sticky winegums sauce… which one you prefer? The name of the book will be; Diet start tomorrow 🙂

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