Wet in Wet

I am trying to keep my promise and paint small paintings each day if I can. Actually it is quite easy as the paper and paints are just beside me on the desk, so no excuse not to try. Every day when I have few minutes free I try it and it never takes more than 15-30 minutes to sketch one. Especially when I practice with water colours, wet in wet technique. I some time looking on other artists work and subjects and some time it is all mine. OK so need little more time to dry up and many more to paint if I ever want to get better.

Afternoon break in the shade Quick lunch Gathering Flying Rook Dogy walk When treest drop in Pesach Flowers Spring

11 Replies to “Wet in Wet”

  1. These look terrific Doron !
    I have to see about a ‘domain’ thing setting on my blog a pop up is telling me as I can only see them small at the moment …

    1. Lately I have all sort of problems here also… We will have to arrange a tea party followed by a paintig day out for us all.. I am sure Poppy is workig on it. I am packing my travel painting kit ready to go.

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