My friend the real artist

I love the work of my friend the artists  Mariusz Kaldowski which I mentioned here before.  Couple of weeks ago I visited his exhibition in Nymans, a National Trust park. He have special brush strokes in my view like a great master and I admire his work which inspired me a lot. That evening, I parked my car and walked to the exhibition, it was very dull evening, dark and gloomy all until I walked into the room where his work was displayed. There it was another world, full with flowers fields and trees that lit the air. All over sudden I walked from dump darkness, into lit paradise.. I have painted one of his paintings to show you what I meant. It is far from achieving any of his great work standards, but you can clearly get an idea and see the colours that are easily can lift anyone spirit any time. I think his paintings can really announce and bring us a proper  ‘Spring’


I can offer him on a small note, my little practice of  ‘Coloured Fields’ based on loose wet in wet technique to wish him a good luck with his new exhibition in London . If you around make sure to visit it as you will enjoy his work, anyway I do.

Spring fields

10 Replies to “My friend the real artist”

    1. Susan, thank you. I can not express how much Mariusz’s colours speak so loud and bright. I also love colours and I am sure he gave me a great inspiration and how not to fear and use them. It is amazing to see how people around open up as spring come along with its beautiful colours. Thank you for your comments.

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