Painting with Sharad

While enjoying one of our short summers we get here, just before the cold and rain return. Me and Sharad my friend from SAC went outdoor to enjoy painting.

Sharad View Lake View My View

14 Replies to “Painting with Sharad”

  1. Hi Doron, glad you had some nice weather to get out and enjoy a warm day. These are fantastic! I love the richness of watercolors and the soft blends and layers. Good to see some more of your work; I’ll look forward to your next post. ~Scott

    1. Scott, thank you, it makes a great different to be able to sit outside and paint, fantastic! The lights the tones the colours all real. Make a great change from photos as the doctor recommended.

    1. Thanks Poppy, it is amazing place in Sevenoaks so add it to your list with Knowle Park. I am sorry not replying earlier but lately I suffer a little bit so everything is in dealy motion. But the brush still working…

      1. Oh Doron … sad to hear that 😦
        Hope it’s just temporary … {{ feelbettersoon }}
        Keep your brush on the go-go then 😉

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