14 Replies to “Painting with Sharad”

  1. Hi Doron, glad you had some nice weather to get out and enjoy a warm day. These are fantastic! I love the richness of watercolors and the soft blends and layers. Good to see some more of your work; I’ll look forward to your next post. ~Scott

    1. Scott, thank you, it makes a great different to be able to sit outside and paint, fantastic! The lights the tones the colours all real. Make a great change from photos as the doctor recommended.

    1. Thanks Poppy, it is amazing place in Sevenoaks so add it to your list with Knowle Park. I am sorry not replying earlier but lately I suffer a little bit so everything is in dealy motion. But the brush still working…

      1. Oh Doron … sad to hear that 😦
        Hope it’s just temporary … {{ feelbettersoon }}
        Keep your brush on the go-go then 😉

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