When we get married…

Some time I look at other people work and its fascinate me to understand how they actually got to the end of their paintings, what was the process they used to get to the finished result. So I play and practice sketching it on a small paper with water colours. It’s actually teaching me how good they are and how long I have to go before I can reach their great standards and quality. It is probably just another way for me to practice on my way to get better, the more you do the better you get. I put few more practice together… Ha… you probably asking where the title for the post came from… well I tried to insert that little couple dressed up.. in two of the pictures.

My Forest Over Hill Town That will be ours Visitors at the lake

10 Replies to “When we get married…”

  1. Doron, if I may offer you some suggestions that have helped me…. first, do not compare yourself to others. You are unique. Second, try to ask yourself what are you passionate about… paint your passion and let others feel it. Third, do not think so much… do and do more. Just a few thoughts… take it for what it’s worth. Also, I have tried all painting mediums and watercolor is by far the most difficult. It is very hard to correct mistakes. I especially like your top painting and the third one…they are charming!

  2. That, is one of the best ways to improve. A very very old teacher once said: copy copy and copy… one day you’ll realize you are no longer able to do that! For an artist getting into the technique of others is a very big school and a valuable experience. Love all 4, Doron.

    1. Marina you are kind and very fair comment. I do them all and have my own creation also. The most important for me is that I enjoy it and love every step forward! I am learning all the time as we all do and it is fun to be part of this school.Thanks.

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