More practice

It could look very similar architectures but it is a world apart.. location wise. I keep practicing as you can see and it is not always ending in a very good result. Some people tear them up and I feel you should not. I think that even if it is not that good enough, I still will put it here and show them to you. I think to myself, what type of journey it is going to be without the not so good ones? Beside do you think professional artists always get every paintings perfect? If sometime you feel that you want to give up, remember that you can only improve, after all it is a journey and there are going to be some sketches that will never reach the big size canvas! beside I probably will run my next experiment of glazing on those sketches… you never know.

Cuba St Pauls St Paul Thames

14 Replies to “More practice”

  1. I really like them all… the first one is quite quirky and appealing even if it’s not meant to be and the second two, give me an impressionist kind of feel.
    I burnt 2 recently… lol.. I know I shouldn’t!! I kept the next two… with the hope that my painting mojo will return…soon!
    Keep up the inspirational stuff 😀

  2. Hope London looks as pretty when I visit over the weekend Doron ..your paintings have a lovely unhurried look about them ..but I doubt that will be the case for me Lol

    1. For you I’ll paint it in red.. make sure you are quick as it will change on Monday.. not London the forecast. Have a lovely weekend.

      1. Paint the town red well… there’s an idea 😉
        Sun to Tues for us so a bit of everything I expect .
        Thank you .

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