8 Replies to “All together jump”

  1. Oh that’s delightful Doron ! .. So carefree …..
    Hope you have such a weekend yourself .

    1. Jennifer, Thank you. At least you get the proper seasons and once winter is over you will be able to jump in again. My son is in Perth at the moment and he said they had a good swim last weekend. Here it is always chilly even to walk in, leave alone jum in.

  2. Hi Doron, I am going to ask you the same thing I asked Violet, is everything okay? Haven’t heard from you for awhile so hope all is well. I miss seeing your latest art work!

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you I am OK and it is touching to read your message. I had an opportunity to run away for few days and paint while away so I’ll put few soon. Thanks again and I missed you all also. It was strange not to open my laptop and have our dailly friendly chat.

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