Croc in the making

We learn in our evening class from Karen Birt our teacher which is a great artist herself, about Cartoons, the subject was wild life. It is adaptation of a traditional technique for transferring a line drawing to a support. Used by masters like Chardin and George Stubbs for the animals. You simply make small holes with a needle on the main lines which give you accurate shapes you transfer it with charcoal and later paint it up. This one is an oil paintings.


the final and don’t say I did not warned you.. he is watching you every where you go… so make sure you run.


17 Replies to “Croc in the making”

    1. Thanks Anita, Love making people smile, after all that is what it is all about. Well it is not me he ate I am still here to reply… ha ha

    1. Thanks Violet for a nice comment. When you see the other subjects of paintings drying next you will understand why is eyes so alive… It is never easy in nature.

  1. He does look like he could surprise you Doron .. he’s got a glint 😉
    poppytump sings ….never smile at a crocodile …

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