16 Replies to “MOPS at Haysden Water”

  1. Love it Doron ! Cute small birds ❤
    Ah, dogs jump in the water , cats sit on the paper that you are sketching on that !!!! Of course , they don’t care!!!!! They are busy to have fun !!!! 😃

    1. Jennifer they did not and if they did it could become interesting.. free world, why not. They only came to say hello and was not sure if they could paint or not.. next time.

        1. I saw those elephants too, it is great… I am sure if they can paint everybody else can do also. Have a good week Jenni hope slightly warmer, my son wishing the old man happy fathers day report today that in Perth it is more milder.

    1. Thank you tickets are in the post, see you soon… you might need to give me a hand with painting I started some time ago with plenty birds flying everywhere… 🙂

        1. It is always great to paint in company as we do in our outdoor group and you are always welcome to join us if happened to be around 🙂

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