Little Landscape

It was the second week of Oil session little landscape and my first week ‘Lilies on the Pond’ were still wet, so I had to do something small and nice I had in mind. Before I forget.. Happy fathers day to all my friends out there…

Town in red

and something slightly bigger for all the great fathers out there..

Lilies on the pond

14 Replies to “Little Landscape”

    1. Thanks it is different when the kids grown up and fly out the nest.. but they still young in age so they need the watchfull eye and they maintain communication with base.. So it was a nice day. Hope yours are OK too.

  1. I really like looking at your website, Doron. Your paintings are so full of an appreciation of the life around you, and so full of colour. Glad you enjoyed your painting holiday.

    1. Cara thank you for your nice comment and great words. It gives me great pleasure when friends like you take the time to say something about my work and I can always take any comments good or bad as it is a pleasure journey and everybody is welcome aboard. thank you.

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