Hubbard’s Hill

Another outdoors painting day in beautiful Kent, Enjoy

Hubberd's Hill

Daily routine

Hubbard's Hill

Hubberd's lane

I made some changes… I always seems to do some… someone said stop fiddling…

The house behind the trees

Sevenoaks weald

and another final one will be here shortly, I thought the sky was too friendly…

The final view

20 Replies to “Hubbard’s Hill”

  1. Awesome work, Doron. I love the detail on the buildings and the cows especially. A good day to you, cheers

    1. Marina thank you very much for dropping your busy world to say hello. It is a nice world we living in and we are lucky and should appreciate every minute we able to do it, enjoy.

  2. Wonderful! I love the first 2 pics the best. I think less is more, but I am a fiddler too ; )

  3. Beautiful paintings Doron – love the scenes with the road leading you into the countryside and the lovely surrounding. Wonderful sky as well. You must have had a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Mary, it is a super spot where the country side view open widely after a short ride in the forest. So you move from sort of darkness to clear open light space. Love the country side here and enjoyed every minute trying to paint it.

  4. I love the cows! I love the colours in the last painting, and I love the 5th painting! But… am I allowed to have a but…?! For me… the 30 sign doesn’t belong in here… πŸ™‚

    1. Kay thank you very much, love your comment and I am in total agreement…. who put those signs in the middle of the country side??? I learnt something very important from your view. When painting I wanted to omit and remove it however I thought it was the contradiction of the beauty and ugly so I kept it on… You are right it should not be here. You are always allowed ‘but’ with me and I am ready to take more on board, thanks

  5. I thought maybe it was a mobile sign you put there for people to ‘Slow Down Work in Progress Doron Painting’ πŸ™‚
    Lovely details in you Hubbards Hill !

    1. Poppy when you paint you don’t need signs people slow to watch anyhow.. I normally try to avoid main roads just in-case.. not because it that good.. but you never know.

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