Santorini for Violet

Promised few days ago to post my new version of Santorini paintings for Violet and saw that Poppy celebrating her HB today. So it is for you both to share on the 3rd.July and if you close your eye you can think it is another part of 3rd.Jan for some.

Santorini Violet and Poppy

28 Replies to “Santorini for Violet”

    1. Thanks Marina I just heard there was some overspill and run and brought a cloth… no need for that I know… infact I love those overspills if only I could master doing them…. but watch this space I am working on it. Thanks again.

        1. I have been around but missed this one.. It is going straight to my heavy long to do list. I love the blues on this island… beside all the area and the region, islands is so beautiful!!

  1. Yes, the colours in this are gorgeous, Doron, those dusky pinks and that lovely clear blue. The images just look as if they had danced on to the paper, and yet at the same time it’s a portrait of a really interesting-looking place. It all just fits together. I really enjoy looking at your website.

    1. Cara, You will need to start your version of ‘wish you where here’… I am start packing. Thank you and enjoy it is beautiful times of the year with great creative colours (OK can’t beat Autumn…..but shooshshhshs we don’t want it yet)

  2. Amazing work, Doron. I like the perspective and the detailing/highlights on the buildings. Excellent

  3. Aww Doron … that is a lovely view of such a pictureseque Greek Island we would both love to visit 🙂 me for those blue domes, white washed houses and azure sea .. and for BB the oppotrunity to discover more about volcanoes .. 🙂
    Gorgeous painting ! would love to wander around those little snickets and alleyways as no doubt you did when you were there ….
    Thank you for a such a lovely mention on my Half Birthday xx

    1. Jennifer thank you, don’t listen to the news it is superb place with great people… just pack up I am going to do the same.. if we are all going to meet one day it should be on one of those beautifull island.. have a good weekend finally we are sending you the warm sun rays that found our island.

    1. Gillian thank you very much for your state visit, Enjoy. I always like people who speak their minds. See you around in between news bulletin.

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