10 Replies to “Parts of our Body”

  1. Oh Doron … your oil painting took slightly longer than normal to scroll down this time … * smiling with you *
    That’s a VERY bright red chair there !

    1. Poppy, I am glade you managed to get the main object… some did not.. I hope you enjoying sunbedding as you can see my Red painting come along so looking forward to the next post with the ‘pictures’ ha ha ha.. Actually I am pushing Murray at the moment…

  2. Quite amusing. We paint what appeals to us. Overall the 2 pieces are interesting. Keep on working and the images will improve not only technically but also into your style and humour.
    Arms and hands are very difficult – looking at anatomy books can help a bit in the understanding of how the muscles hang or swell. I took anatomy classes to gain insight. It was painful and intense but worth it. You have to take a class like that, with cadavers, or you don’t learn anything. Not all art needs that kind of education – as long as you are general or do research [e.g. use a model] every time.

    1. Thank you, I know I should but painting is such a big subject where do you start first.. I am all over at times. But I had your points to my to do list and thank you for taking the time to make your comments. All noted!

  3. That is quite a magnificent chair, doron! I like how you did the light and reflected light on it =) Brilliant

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