St. Loup cat

I probably will end paying some royalty for this little cat that chased us in Bandouille.. Actually I did asked it, if I can sketched it and the answer was Meow meow mais Oui mais Oui… I even took a paw signature just in-case. And you clearly see the modling skills in the eyes…

St Loup

10 Replies to “St. Loup cat”

  1. I am very impressed wtih this! A beautiful furry painted friend! I like this very much, Doron! *respectful bow*

    1. Don’t embarrassed me my friend.. But thanks you are kind… I knew if I’ll work on the eyes you would not be able to ignore them..

    1. Marina thanks, it did not sit still for a second so no royalties here.. I told him to behave and it rolled over and left the scene.. had strange temper.. checked ‘pawgnature’ in google.. the first link was very straight forward.. I am sure you meant something different… ha ha

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