Any one for a ride

It looks very cool.. not just because of the sea…

Any One for a Ride


23 thoughts on “Any one for a ride

  1. A great scene Doron, I like your watercolor painting a lot. When I lived in Maine, they would train the racing horses on the beach in the winter because of the firmness to the sand.

    • Mary Thank you and I very much appreciate your comment. Interesting point you mentioned about the ground in winter for training. I think that horses are such a glorious animal and very good scene at all times. Although I love nature which ever way it comes.

  2. If I could ride this would be one thing I should really like to do ! Is this an imaginative painting Doron ?? Lovely feel to it and I like colours in the land sweeping down to the shore .

    • I feel the same Poppy only tried to ride once before. Like everything else loads of imaginitive although I saw a picture with one horse, thought it need few more… At least it makes me feel cooler in this stunning beautiful weather.

  3. This is spectacular, I love the horses, each lively… when I look at this my mind can fill in the other frames easily as if I’m watching a movie, very nicely done. I shall need to get a new hat before a ride though to keep from messing up my hair (laughing at that, because currently I am bald). Cheers

    • Scott I am sure I replied to this one before. Lately the Blog is playing with me.. I’ll have to stop breathing too hard… Thank you for taking the time to always comment. I can’t wait to see where your next work take you… I like the concept very much.

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