23 Replies to “Any one for a ride”

  1. A great scene Doron, I like your watercolor painting a lot. When I lived in Maine, they would train the racing horses on the beach in the winter because of the firmness to the sand.

    1. Mary Thank you and I very much appreciate your comment. Interesting point you mentioned about the ground in winter for training. I think that horses are such a glorious animal and very good scene at all times. Although I love nature which ever way it comes.

  2. If I could ride this would be one thing I should really like to do ! Is this an imaginative painting Doron ?? Lovely feel to it and I like colours in the land sweeping down to the shore .

    1. I feel the same Poppy only tried to ride once before. Like everything else loads of imaginitive although I saw a picture with one horse, thought it need few more… At least it makes me feel cooler in this stunning beautiful weather.

    1. Rabirius, thank you very much for thinking about me. I do apologise as I don’t do awards as it is great pleasure to have people like yourself visiting my blog which is a super award in my view.

      1. You’re welcome.
        It was mainly meant to be a compliment for some blogs I like – I was “doing” awards for the first – mainly to try it out.


        1. Please don’t feel I ignore your sencere compliment, I appreciate you visiting me and thanks agaig for liking my work. I also enjoy yours very much.

  3. This is spectacular, I love the horses, each lively… when I look at this my mind can fill in the other frames easily as if I’m watching a movie, very nicely done. I shall need to get a new hat before a ride though to keep from messing up my hair (laughing at that, because currently I am bald). Cheers

    1. Scott I am sure I replied to this one before. Lately the Blog is playing with me.. I’ll have to stop breathing too hard… Thank you for taking the time to always comment. I can’t wait to see where your next work take you… I like the concept very much.

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