13 Replies to “Dunorlan Park”

  1. I really like this, but… (!) The dark blue pulls it down a bit for me, In my mind it’s a sunny bright day…! πŸ™‚

    1. Viviene It is always sunny in mine, thanks for your fair comment. I’ll check it have some problems with the site in the last week not sure why.

  2. Love the second one, though (different word to but!) the grey sky dulls it a bit for me…

      1. I’m a big fan of yours, and I think atmospheric skies must be your ‘trademark’, so to speak πŸ™‚ looking forward to seeing more more more!

    1. Thanks Mary very enjoyable. I try to reply and make comments and for some reason I can’t do a thing lately. I enjoyed reading your book review points very interesting.

      1. Hi Doron, painting, it’s not always easy is it? Today for something that should have taken me 2 hours I’m going on my 5th – I’m stubborn and don’t give up, but maybe I’d be better off taking a break. So I understand and sometimes we go through periods when nothing comes easily – and it’s frustrating. May I offer you a suggestion, paint or draw something that’s very familiar to you – that you know how to do without a lot of thought. This sometimes rebuilds our confidence and clears our heads of negative thoughts. Or go completely wild and paint something for your eyes only without regard to technical and experience the fun of just letting go. You’re art is wonderful and we all look forward to more of your creative pieces. Your mo-jo will return!!!

        1. Hi Mary thank you for your tip I like it and make sense to me. I like to experiment and try new ideas but now it seems I want to do few thing with my painting. It is great to listen to your experience and I enjoy looking at your work. Thanks for taking time to write to me. I also very stubborn too and have to acheive what I try to do. But I always think positive so it is easy, but I never give up as I know I’ll get there by the end. Sometime I paint and i find it is not me and I like to find my nich and own language but I nearly paint 5 years and some time it is too early. But I enjoy this world the people the work and it is a journey I am privilege to go. have a nice day and thank you.

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