A trip to Yalding Teapot island with the MOPS on a nice cold day… is ain’t it supposed to be summer yet?

One of the local neighbours invite us to paint a magical field view from his house..

Frank's fields

On the river

on the green river

The same from little further away

On the River

And the Green river boat

Green boat

I apologise to everybody recently my blog is playing with me, I visit friends here and try to like their work or leave comments and it all goes pear shaped. I still love you all and I see your work but sometime the system is not that friendly… never mind have fun it is free blogging at it’s best.

13 Replies to “Yalding”

  1. awesome, i love how you handled the light, especially on the left side of the boat, looks glass!, fantastic work

        1. I can imagine we had dogs in our life and one day after the last one an English Springer 15 years who we all adored we had a heart broken so we decided with great dificulty not to have any more dogs, but we miss this companionship. enjoy every minute they are big stars!

    1. Violet thank you the country side is so beautiful Kent used to be the garden of England.I try to make comments but lately I have big problems with my site sorry for not replying also.

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