15 Replies to “Fackenden Lane”

    1. It is a new world for me and i try all sort of thing hope to find one day my own identity and language. I am glade you like it and thank you for taking time to write it is well appreciated.

  1. I love the 3rd painting! Would look superb hanging in my dining room…! 😀 Those colours are amazing!

    1. I take it is the tree on the right and the view in the distance. This was superb view from greenview Hill on a very hot day. Somebody else likeed it and ask for it but since bought another so it is sitting here. I did paint something else on the back, so now you have two choices. Emal me your address and I’ll post it to you.

          1. Oh how lovely of u, I will email u tomorrow 😀 thank u ever so much 😀

    1. Mary, We are lucky to have such a beautiful country side and with all the rain it is always green and beautiful. Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you my friend I take it you look into one side, as I would find it very hard to travel on any high heels. I just visit your new site and enjoy to see your great work good luck and enjoy.

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