It is getting hot

I have no doubt it is much hotter here now than it was yesterday.. Where is everybody I asked? probably gone to the beach… To all my friends that run to sea-side or flown away to a nice holiday and left us here to relax and paint.

It is getting hot in here

12 Replies to “It is getting hot”

      1. Oh I do like my new title! Lady of the north! πŸ˜€ It’s a wonderful place to be up here, I hope your son enjoyed his time here, and is successful in what he chose to do πŸ™‚

        1. Yes he loved it and have great memories and friends from the beautiful North…If I draw a map of england and look yes you are right you sitting up there just up and above our heads… have a good weekend.

  1. What a great beach scene – all the people are happily watching the beautiful water and basking (I mean baking) in the sun.

    1. Glade I managed to cool you down Mary. I struggeled to congratulate you for a super year here hope it reached you have a good weekend.

      1. Hi Doron, thank I did receive your beautiful note – I appreciate it so much. Thank you and hope you have a very nice weekend.

    1. Super weekend to you too Marina glade I managed to cool you down.. Make sure you swim between the flags and listen to the lifeguard…

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